Upcoming Aeriosa Performances

Habitats & Camouflage 

Nature-based performances

Date: Friday, September 17, 2021

Time: 7pm

Location: North Chesterman Beach, Tofino

Aeriosa and Sarah E. Fuller are collaborating on the experiential new work, ‘Habitats & Camouflage.’ This performance piece is an exploration of the camouflaging quality of moths in the landscape. Large hooded capes with photo-transcribed images of moth markings will be worn by aerial dancers who blend and disappear into the trees and surrounding environment. Some species of moth caterpillars dig holes in the ground where they lie until appearing as full-grown adults. These predominantly nocturnal insects provide a nature-based magic show, disappearing and reappearing with layers of concealment and disguise.


Urban performance and installation

Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021


Location: Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver

Julia Taffe, Sarah E. Fuller, and HFour Design Studio examine issues surrounding urban displacement by releasing an ‘eclipse of moths’ into the city at night.  Part projection installation, part live performance, the collaborators examine how moths fascinate and repel us. These tiny alien creatures provoke visceral human responses, fear, loathing and wonder. We exterminate some kinds for the heinous crime of nestling into our personal domiciles, and we extirpate others, by destroying the delicate ecological systems they need to survive. Whether they are eating their way through our treasured clothing or fluttering in great numbers in the air, moths never fail to capture our attention.


Vertical dance research & artistic development

Dates TBA


Aeriosa and Deaf Theatre artist Landon Krentz are collaborating on a research project exploring the way art and dance evolve when we don’t all hear or speak the same language. The process of working with Landon is opening our understanding about D/deaf culture and expanding communication techniques and possibilities to help bridge the gap between the visual and auditory worlds of dance and performance.

The Tofino Tree Festival

Dates: 2022 -TBA

The Tofino Tree Festival is a new annual event organized by Aeriosa in partnership with local community groups. There will be free public performances and nature-centred events celebrating and sharing local knowledge about the cultural and environmental importance of our West Coast trees, forests and the ecosystems they are part of. Visit the Tofino Tree Festival website for more information.