Health and Safety

Health and safety are integral to Aeriosa. Safety is a vital component of the company’s ethos and directs both the choreography and the creative spirit. The daily awareness, assessment and mitigation of hazards are ingrained in both the Aeriosa community and the mentoring program. First and foremost is the health and well-being of artists, crew, and audience.

  • Aeriosa provides every venue with a site-specific safety plan. A site visit is made to each proposed venue to preview the dance site with venue operators, establish the context, and identify potential hazards. The safety plan outlines steps to manage performer safety, crew safety, and public safety.
  • Daily job hazard assessment ensures that the safe practices are documented and communicated to the performers, crew and venue hosts.
  • Aeriosa performers and crew are hired for their appropriate level of experience and skill. Qualifications and certifications of our safety team follow municipal, provincial, and association guidelines put forth by ACTSAFE, WorkSafeBC, IRATA, SPRAT, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, and others. Mentoring and site-specific training is thorough and documented. Importantly, Aeriosa dancers and crew are informed that they have the right to refuse any work they deem hazardous.
  • Aeriosa dancers and crew are trained in rescue response and follow a response plan.
  • Aeriosa is appropriately contracted and insured.
  • The Aeriosa Health and Safety Committee reviews current practice, national and international practice, and makes periodic recommendations for change and improvement.
  • Aeriosa has a documented Communicable Disease Management Plan. Both the Health and Safety Committee and the dancers have recently reviewed and modified this plan to manage the current Covid-19 pandemic.