Vision and Values

Collaborative Creativity and Artistic Research

Julia Taffe created Aeriosa in 2005 to establish vertical dance in Canada and to collaborate with dancers and choreographers in an exciting new art form. Her desire to ignite imaginative agency for both Aeriosa company dancers and audiences has grown into facilitating opportunities for other artists to develop their ideas and contribute to the diversity of vertical dance practice.

Community and Cultural Diversity

Aeriosa has a history of cross-cultural collaboration with local and international artists and community partners. Aeriosa strives for inclusivity, social awareness, and engagement. We give back to communities by working with local organizations to offer audiences the experience of this beautiful art form via free public performances throughout the year.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is integral to Aeriosa. Safety is a vital component of our company ethos and directs both choreography and creative spirit. Daily assessment and hazard mitigation are ingrained into the mentoring of Aeriosa artists and workers. First and foremost is the health and well-being of the artists, workers and public. For more information go to: Risk Management.

Ethics and Integrity

Environmental stewardship, along with respect for community and individuals, guides Aeriosa’s approach to artistic collaboration, while performing for and listening to the audience guides our artistic programming. Showcasing nature by working harmoniously around its features is as important as the dance.

Professional Training, Mentorship and Consultation

Passing on our knowledge and skills to the next generation of artists is an important component of our work. We are keen to see the ways in which vertical dance flourishes and contributes to the cultural fabric. We encourage dedicated dance artists from racialized or underrepresented communities to contact us to discuss how we can support the development of your vision and work.