Keely Sills

Keely operates best when hanging, swaying or floating in the air. She inspires exquisite movement that leaves the rest of us feel like we too are floating. She can be seen dancing on the sides of buildings or in the trees with Aeriosa Dance Company and creating and performing her own work that meshes contemporary dance and aerial circus arts.

In 2010 Keely represented her own country as an aerialist in the opening and closing ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics as well as on "Canada’s got talent" TV reality show with "solidarity" in 2011.
She has been fortunate to travel globally for circus and aerial dance work throughout the years.

Keely is passionate about mentoring the upcoming generation of circus artists and has recently started an aerial program in Powell River. She will be coaching static trapeze, hoop, silks and partner acro; a ground based discipline that meshes hand to hand balancing with acro dance.

With a background in high-rise window washing and industrial rigging, Keely has enjoyed the opportunity to work with Aeriosa as both a dancer and a rigger!