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Fall Vertical Dance Class Series

Class Description:

Vertical dancers use rope and harness systems to access different ways of moving on the ground and in the air. This is a beginner level class designed to develop safety awareness and practice with the equipment while introducing foundational vertical dance skills through progressive technical lessons and creative movement exercises.

Join Aeriosa Dance Artists for a fun class that builds your core strength while you are hovering, sliding, swinging, tilting, rotating and tipping upside down. 


Aeriosa Company Artists Meghan Goodman, Cara Siu and Julia Carr

Covid Safety Plan:

Until current Provincial Health Orders and recommendations are updated, Aeriosa is taking the following safety measures to address Covid-19

• Aeriosa Instructors are fully vaccinated and wear high-quality, properly fitted masks at all times.

• Proof of vaccination is required to participate.

• Masks are strongly recommended for all participants.

• The class size is limited to 8 participants.

• Physical distancing of 2 meters or more is maintained.

• No partnering or contact is taking place.  

• Personal safety equipment is assigned to each person and is not shared.



Registration is required, no drop-in.

Introductory Classes

Time: Sundays 10am-12pm 

Intermediate Classes

Time: Thursdays – time TBA 

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