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Psuedotsuga - Earth to Sky

Aeriosa Dance Society


Psuedotsuga - Earth to Sky


At the Dancing on the Edge Festival of Contemporary Dance

Pseudotsuga – Earth to Sky is an interspecies collaboration between vertical dancers, live musicians and a grove of old-growth trees in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. This piece is a new extension of our a collaboration with Spakwus Slulem Eagle Song Dancers, acknowledging the park as traditional Coast Salish territory and calling attention to the oldest trees as living witnesses connecting dancers of the past, present and future. The full presentation of"Pseudotsuga - Earth to Sky" and "Trees Are Portals" will premiere in Stanley Park in 2017.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Venue: Stanley Park
TimesJuly 13 & 14 at at 12:30pm & 2:30pm

ChoreographerJulia Taffe
PerformersGina Alpen, Julia Carr, Aly Fretz, Meghan Goodman, Keely Sills, Cara Siu, Julia Taffe, Alex Tam

Musicians: Lan Tung and Jonathan Bernard
Safety Director: Colin Zacharias
Tree Climbers; Keely Sills & Jason Kruk
Stage Manager & Site Manager: Peter Jotkus

Supporters: City of Vancouver, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, BC Arts Council, Province of British Columbia, Kevin Spacey Foundation, Dancing on the Edge, Easy Park