Act 1

Musqueam, Squamish & Tseil-Waututh Host Nations

MC JB The First Lady

Jerilynn Snuxyaltwa Webster

Land Acknowledgements

Mary Point & Cecelia Point – Musqueam
Bob Baker – Squamish
TBA Tseil-Waututh

MST Honor Song

Concept by Sierra Tasi-Baker
Music by Sekawnee Baker & Sequoia Baker
Performers Butterflies in Spirit Dancers, Madelaine McCallum, Aunty Carrie Phillip (Shxwenatqwa), Sierra Tasi-Baker, Judith Colibri, Ana Fernanda Cornejo Luna & Alondra Bueno

Spakwus Slulem (Eagle Song Dancers)

Artistic Director Bob S7aplek Baker 

Tsatsu Stalqayu (Coastal Wolf Pack)

Performers Joseph Paul, Amamda Kenoras and Anastasia Paul

Act 2

Butterflies in Spirit Retrospective

First Performance Video Clip


Run The World

Choreographer Lana Joy Para
Butterflies in Spirit & Luminesque Dance


Dance Artist Madelaine McCallum
Music by Jennifer Kreisberg song “High Hope”
Music by Northern Cree, song “The Ripper”

Burn Your Village To The Ground

Performers Butterflies in Spirit & Sierra Tasi-Baker
Music by A Tribe Call Red/Halluci Nations remix by Neon Nativez

Remember Her

Music Artist JB the First Lady

Butterfly Spirits

Choreographer Madeline  McCallum Mendez
Composer/Arranger/Performer Kin Balam
Performers Butterflies in Spirit, JB The First Lady, Madelaine McCallum, Judith Colibri, Ana Fernanda Cornejo Luna & Alondra Bueno


Warrior Spirit

Music Artist Kin Balam
Musicians Alan Ruiz, Pablo Oyarzo & Jesus Hierrezuelos

Act 3

Dancing to Remember

Git Hayetsk Dancers

Artistic Directors Dr Mique’l Dangeli & Mike Dangeli
In Loving Memory of Uncle Woody Morrison

Salmon Cycle

Choreographer Julia Taffe
Aeriosa dancers Julia Carr, Meghan Goodman & Cara Siu

M’Girl “Long Ago Elders”

Saultreaux Dialect Written by Renae Morriseau & Debbie Littlejohn
Music Artists Renae Morriseau, Deanna Gestrine Tiare LaPorte

Children’s Honor Song

Composer Frank Sette
Performers JB The First Lady, M’Girl, Butterflies in Spirit, Aeriosa Saiyaka Morin-Williams (Aerials), Sequoia  Snuxyaltwa, Malikai Findlay-Johnson, Ethan Frank-Blackbird, Angel Baker, Kyah Morin-Baker

The Most Unprotected Girl

Music Artist JB The First Lady


Music Artist Theresa Bear Fox
Choreographer Billie Jeanne Sinclair
Performers Butterflies in Spirit & Aeriosa

Nos Verán (Excerpt)

Director/choreographer/performer Judith Colibri
Dress by Victor Garcia
Music by Gerardo Meza

The title Nos Verán translates as “they will see us”. It was taken from “together they will see us”, which is one of the sentences that are shouted in the protests and campaigns led by the families of victims of femicide in Mexico to demand justice in the thousands of unsolved cases. Tonight’s solo performance by Judith Colibri is an excerpt from a multidisciplinary project carried out in collaboration with other artists and with the support of mothers who are victims of femicide in Mexico.

Dancing in the Sky

Music by Dani and Lizzy
Performers Butterflies in Spirit & Aeriosa

Women’s Warrior Song

Honoring Dr. Lillian Howard
Composer Martina Pierre, Lil’wat Nation
Singers M’Girl & Community
Performers Butterflies in Spirit, Aeriosa, Supernaturals Modelling, Aunty Carrie M Phillip (Shxwenatqwa), Ana Fernanda Cornejo Luna