KSF Artists of Choice Canada 2016 - Dance - Aeriosa / by Aeriosa Dance Society

Aeriosa melds artistic practice, technical innovation and thoughtful risk management to reposition human perspectives of natural social and built landscapes. Aeriosa dancers inhabit public space, rehearsing choreography on location, exploring urban architecture and existing ecosystems with curiosity, care and respect. Aeriosa transforms neighbourhoods into theatres and explores wild environments as dramatic stages for dance. Choreographer Julia Taffe’s passion is creating unexpected dance in unconventional surroundings by combining art, environment and adventure to make dances in nature and on stage.

Pseudotsuga – Earth to Sky is an interspecies collaboration between vertical dancers, live musicians and a grove of old-growth trees in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. As part of a larger project acknowledging the park as traditional Coast Salish territory, Psuedotsuga calls attention to the oldest trees in the park as living witnesses connecting dancers of the past, present and future.

“I am honoured to be selected as a 2016 KSF Artist of Choice and I am thrilled that over the coming year Aeriosa will benefit from the funding and skilled mentorship that comes with a Kevin Spacey Foundation Award.”